Author: Nemo Gould

Parts&LaborFlyerPlease join me for my first solo exhibition in many years!  This will likely be the last time my giant shark sculpture “Megalodon” will be on display on the West Coast before it ships East.  I’ll also have an entirely new body of work to share, alongside some old favorites (more images to follow soon).  Curated by Anja Ulfeldt, The On-Sight Project is a mobile  pop-up venue converting vacant commercial real estate into exhibition space for local artists.

Opening reception is Saturday, October 22 from 6-9 PM at 471 9th street, Oakland CA.

The gallery will be open Fridays 10-2, Saturdays 1-4, or you can contact me to make an appointment.  Show closes November 12.

Click here for a full press release

Its been a few years now since I had Chris Siracuse in my studio for the filming of this project.  Now that its made the film festival circuit we’re ready to share it online!  Please take a  minute (or 9 minutes and 24 seconds) and experience his insight into my work and process.  Of particular interest are the scenes of the very first stages of my Megalodon sculpture.  It was a major effort, and I’m grateful to have this document.

You can view the entire film here.

scrapIn honor of its fortieth year, SCRAP is excited to present Reclaimed: Elevating the Art of Reuse, a juried art exhibition that will run from October 1 through October 23 and proudly hosted by the San Francisco Arts Education Project (SFArtsED) gallery, located in the Minnesota Street Project. Gallery hours are 11:00-5:00 Tuesday-Saturday
October 8 1:00-4:00
An artist’s reception, open to the public, will be held on Saturday, October 8 from 1pm-4pm at the SFArtsEd gallery.

DiscoveryVRI recently had the honor of hosting the team from Discovery VR and conducting a short interview with Dr. Mike North in my studio.  This immersive video technology provides a pretty unique way to snoop around my shop and get a preview of my new piece “Megalodon” which debuts at Heron arts on April 16.

Viewing VR takes a little getting used to, and experiences vary depending on what kind of device you watch it on.  From a desktop computer you can pan around each scene with your mouse while its playing.  If you download their mobile app you can peer around simply by moving your phone.

Click here, or the image above to view the interview.



I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be displaying my new sculpture “Megalodon” at Heron Arts in San Francisco on April 16.  The piece will be a part of the group show “Perpetual Motion” which features an international cast of Automata makers, all of whom I’m honored to be associated with.

I’ll be working down to the last minute to prepare, but for the moment, here are a few teaser images of the piece in its final stages of development:


The exterior is pretty much finished, but the real action happens on the other side.  The viewer will be able to peer inside to see the inner workings of this beast!


The project grew out of a discarded wing mounted fuel tank from a F-94 bomber plane.  I feel that this true war machine DNA has carried over into the final project.


If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, mark your calendar:

Perpetual Motion

Contemporary Interpretations of Fine Art Automata

Saturday April 16th, 6-9pm
Weds-Sat 3-7pm, thru May 14th




I’m pleased to have finally finished my latest commission: “Hypertensive“.  It was a long road, but I’m really happy with the results.  Please be sure to view the video below for the full effect.

This piece serves to diffuse tension and anxiety in the user.  When the hand held timer is activated, bad energy flows through the cord and is safely converted into various forms of kinetic energy such as electricity, air pressure, heat, sound, light, rotational force, etc.

Dimensions: 31″ x 21″ x 16”


Cooking pot, bell jar, amperage meter, blood pressure gauges, pump, X-ray timer, projector parts, neon sign transformer, phenolic, aluminum, brass.







Be sure to join us for our next exhibit and open house at Lost & Foundry (305 Center Street, Oakland CA, half a block from West Oakland BART) on the evening of Saturday, February 28 from 4 – 8 PM.  The gallery will have new works by some of our resident artists:


Ben Carpenter

Nemo Gould

Jeff Hantman

Sean Orlando

Christopher Palmer

Alan Rorie

Daniel Yasmin


In addition to the amazing art that we’ll have on display, we are also organizing a “Resource Allocation” Junk Sale and Stuff Giveaway… because… well… we’ve just got too much stuff…
We’ve got random cool objects sitting around our studios that we’re just not sure what to do with… but maybe you do?
Tools, brick-n-brack, found objects, unwanted film flam!
We’re purging our studios so come check out what we’ve got and take some of it home with you.
Cash only please…


Finally finished all the different components of the head! The eye socket was an ash tray. It took considerable effort to make the tiny machine to activate the little open and close lever on the back. Overall I'm really pleased with how things are taking shape, but I'll have to get used to how noisy it is. I guess that's what you get with three different motors with exposed gears.

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

The problem with working with found materials is getting them to place nice with each other reliably. I really liked the neck action in this piece but had to face the fact that it would not last over time. Here is version 2.0. New motor mounted on the opposite end of the gears (they're salvaged from an angle grinder). Much more sturdy and serviceable.

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

Here's how it all works together. Bear in mind that the gears and shoulders will be mounted inside the wooden radio cabinet. The next trick is figure out exactly where to cut the holes to make it all fit.

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

Finally got this mechanism to the point where I can assemble and test it. Fingers crossed...

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

I'm not proud of this photo, but sometimes these things happen and I feel it's important to be honest.

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

Little hand machined brass slide levers for the shoulder mechanism in my new piece.

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

What's wrong with this picture? About a dozen things. I love misusing machines and materials equally.

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

There comes a point in the studio when the tools and materials get so tangled that I can't tell them apart. Then I have to drop everything and clean up. I'm not quite there today, but getting close.

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

Whew! Took the plunge on the mouth cut, and really like how it turned out. I formed a bit of a flange around the cut to put a little rigidity back into the cone. Can't wait to see it with teeth! Unfortunately I have to turn my back on the project for a while to get ready for a show at the end of the month.

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

It took a while to commit to the placement of the eyes, and longer still to make the curved mounting flanges. Now I've got to tackle the mouth. It's kind of a heavy moment. There's no second chance if I decide I don't like where I made the cut.

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

It's official: our next open house and exhibit at Lost & Foundry studios is February 28! I'm working overtime to have this sassy cyclops ready in time. More details to follow.

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

Pretty good day at the flea market. #eyes

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

Success! It still needs a good cleaning, but the electrical demons have been purged! I really dig how the brass speed dial automatically adjusts.

[igp-video src=”″ poster=”” size=”large”]

Getting a little tech support from my shop assistant. Together we'll get thing to work.

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

This is a detail shot of the interior of one of my dioramas that were commissioned by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It depicts the Cuttlefish coping with habit loss. I also did a Nautilus and Octopus piece. You can see them all in action here:

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

[igp-video src=”” poster=”” size=”large”]

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