“Megalodon” is the ultimate apex predator. Emulating the elaborate action-figure play-sets of my youth, this piece appears to be a Shark from a distance. Closer inspection reveals it to be a vessel, part submarine, part spaceship, teeming with the activity of its crew working at their respective tasks. This project began as a salvaged wing fuel tank from a F-94 bomber plane, and thousands of other lovingly hoarded, and hand crafted objects. The final effect is of a “Grand Miniature”. The viewer is both dwarfed, and empowered in its presence. Please watch the video above for a more full experience.

I’d like to thank:

Ken from Universal Metal Polishing for helping me put the shine on this thing.

Christopher Potter for this video, and some of the photos.

Arthur Gould (My Dad!) for the eerie soundtrack.

If you’re looking for a shorter version of the video, you can find it here.





192" x 97" x 48"


The main object used in this piece was a wing mounted fuel tank from an F-94 bomber plane (see image in slideshow). Many aspects (fins, stand, mechanical components) were made from scratch. Countless other salvaged household and industrial items were repurposed in the final composition (soup spoons, vacuum tubes, massage motor, aircraft components, power tools etc.).

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