I’ll be showing my piece “The Race” at Unfinished Projects over at MotoSF in San Francisco this Saturday Feb 25th (6-11).  I’ll also have one of my trophy head pieces “Heavy Metal” on display.

275 8th Street, 2nd Floor

Here is a link to the Facebook event for more details:


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This is the second time Wired Magazine has printed this photo (this time in their UK version) without bothering to credit me or my sculpture. The image is used to support an article about Andy Rubin (he’s the one wearing pants), the man behind the Android operating system. Is it too much to ask that Art be considered as intellectual property, or at least valued in some way like every other business? I mean, come on, they’re printing a picture of a giant, anatomically correct, gun toting robot. Why bother even staging such a photo if it’s image isn’t compelling enough to warrant some kind of interest from their readers? Why not do the honorable thing and at least mention the guy who spent countless hours and dollars creating the thing? How hard is it to print a tiny little image credit?
O.K. done ranting now.