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Mayday! Mayday!

New piece finished up last minute before our show this weekend!

A stranger in an even stranger land finds himself in peril, desperate for a safe place to land.


Radio cabinet, chalk line, license plate light bulb cover, typewriter cooling fan blade, radio tuning knobs, book illustration clippings, fresnel lens, LEDs, motors

Here is the video for my new piece:

Cycloptopus” 2012 (65” x 57” x 29”)

Cycloptopus is a fearsome hybrid of two of my favorite monsters, one real, one mythical.  This creature is particularly dangerous because of its irritability.  You’d be irritable too if you were powered by an open flame and your body was made of wood.


Radio cabinets, rocking chairs, fake fireplace, decorative clock elements, cabinet knobs, wall paper, chair parts, lamp parts, wheel hub, motors, LEDs

Here is a quick video of a new machine I’m working on.  This one uses a timing belt and wheel from a BMW as a rack and pinion gear set up.  The idea is to attach a figures feet to the two reciprocating bars to produce a “walking” motion.  It is my intent to build the system robust enough so that no additional support for the figure is needed.  This is a goal that has eluded me in the past, so fingers crossed….