Dancer - Nemo Gould
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A while back I posted about the initial failure that I faced with this piece.  Well, since then I have encountered even more failure before finally getting things working properly.  In the beginning I attempted to power this one with a wind up record player motor. Finding it lacking in torque I started over with an electric motor.  This too proved fruitless as I had chosen a bad motor.  When I face these sorts of set backs I tend to just walk away from the project until my head cools.  Upon picking it up again this week I selected yet another motor and built a tedious little universal joint drive shaft to compensate for some minor mis-alignment in the mechanism.  These changes finally did the trick!  I’d still like to do something to make it run a little quieter, and all that brass will need some sort of polishing and patina, but at least it works!


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