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The Flask V3 is the ultimate accessory for Dynavap dry herb vaporizers (vaporizer is NOT included, I recommend you head to Simrellcollection.com to get one).  It elegantly holds your favorite stem and the material of your choice. 

The Flask is nearly identical to its sibling the Flintlock, but does not include a built in lighter.  In its place you’ll find a two sided chamber, one half for herb, the other half has a cleaning pick to capture ash/ABV.  The unique magnetic lid design ensures that the unit remains open or closed as desired, and minimizes spills.  The outer magnetic surface can be used as a heat sink for quick cool downs.  It also is a handy way to hold your cap during refills.  The underside of the magnet also functions to keep your cap “stuck” to the lid and prevent your stem rattling around in the tube (works best with current “captive cap” units).  The tube is lined with oven parchment paper to protect anodized and other delicate surfaced stems.  Perhaps most importantly, the lid is really fun to play to with!  It clicks!  You can’t stop playing with it!

When laid on its side, the Flask also serves as a rest to keep your stem from rolling away between sessions.

Each unit is meticulously assembled, silver soldered, and polished by hand, by me, in the USA.  For this reason each piece is slightly unique.  They are shipped with a bright finish that will patina quickly with use.  To bring back the shine, I recommend a quick rub down with Flitz brand polish.

The Flask comes in two sizes, Small and Large.  The only difference is the length of the unit.

Small size can accommodate any stem up to 3.75” (95.23mm) long by .52” (13.21mm) wide (essentially Dynavap model “M” or similar length, with width for FMJ cap).  Get this model if you want the most pocketable option.

Large size can accommodate any stem up to 4.51” (114.56mm) long by .52” (13.21mm) wide.  Because of the magnetic attraction in the lid, you can easily store a short stem like the “M” or something much larger like the Simrell MVS.  Get this model if you’ve got an extra 3/4 of an inch in your pocket and want to carry more material.

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What are they?

-These products are slim, stylish, hand made, and unique methods to store your Dynavap vaporizer.  All feature a curiously satisfying and full featured magnetic lid.

Is the DynaVap vaporizer included?

-Sorry, no.  You can get yours at www.dynavap.com or better yet Simrellcollection.com.

Isn’t that a lot of money?

-Yes. You really shouldn’t spend this much money on your bad habits.  But if you’re reading this you’ll probably get one anyway. Good for you!  Live a little!  Seriously though, I make each of these by hand. I’m practically giving them away at this price.

What’s your deal?

-I’ve been an artist all my life, specializing in mechanical sculpture for the last 20 years. This practice has led me to make many of my own tools when necessary. I consider these products to be “lifestyle tools”.

Do you work with/for Dynavap?

-Nope. I just think they made a truly great device, that ultimately was a little hard to live with on a day to day basis, so I came up with some tools to make it even better.

Is the metal coated?

-Nope. It’ll tarnish. After a few months of fiddling with it, it will develop a really nice patina from the oils from your hands.  If you prefer the shiny look, a quick rub down with brass polish does the trick.

Will your product scratch my extra fancy anodized stem?

-No. All products now ship with a sleeve of oven parchment paper inserted into the storage tube. This is quite effective at protecting custom stem coatings.

My stem rattles a little in the tube, what can I do?

-Since this product was designed to fit as many different stems as possible, your fit may vary.  Try a small piece of a cotton ball gently pressed down into the tube to make up the space at the bottom.

Is each object perfect in every way?

-Er, no. These are each hand made by me (The little brass plates that hold the tubes together are CNC cut) so each one is a little different and will have small imperfections, you know, like precious diamonds.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in

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