New piece added to portfolio

New piece added to portfolio

Super excited to announce my new piece “Armed and Dangerous” just added to my portfolio!



Armed_and_Dangerous-4 Armed_and_Dangerous-2 Armed_and_Dangerous-7


Here we have a giant, mulit-armed, multi-faced, dual-zombie-powered, mercury-activated, electro-mechanical monster!

Please watch the video above for the full experience, there is a lot going on in this one.

Dimensions: 81″ x 92″ x 26″


Radio cabinets, pool table legs, table top, table legs, coffee pots, pipe elbows, bean scoops, panel meters, truck horns, thread spindles, slide projectors, truck wheel hubs, shoe stretchers, serving tray, chair and lamp elements, mercury switch, water valve handles, motors, LEDs, aluminum scrap, mechanical linkages, etc.





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