A visit to the Natural History Museum in NY - Nemo Gould
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A visit to the Natural History Museum in NY

A visit to the Natural History Museum in NY

If you’re familiar with my work then you know I have a fascination with dioramas.  I’ve been meaning to get back to making work based on this theme, so on a recent trip to New York I made sure to visit the Museum of Natural history.  I had spent part of the previous day visiting the MOMA and left there feeling pretty bleak.  Unfortunately it seems that the more time I spend making art, the less connection I feel to art museums.  The Natural History Museum was an entirely different story.  The countless fabricated worlds of past and present totally blew me away.  Here was a place where skill and artistry were being employed to really inspire and awe the viewer.  I was really impressed with the variety of techniques used to create these enclosed worlds, backdrop painting, mirrors, lighting and so on.

Shown here are just a few moments that really stood out for me.


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