Retro-Speculative 2019

Press release from the exhibit:

“Retro-Speculative” is artist Nemo Gould’s deep dive into the remnants of the machine age. Painfully aware that we are surrendering our experiences to the virtual realm, Gould strives to pull us back to the tangible through the materials and craftsmanship of the pre digital era. The result is an array of incredible sculptures carefully crafted from found materials, ranging from fantastic creatures, to animated narratives, to reimaginings of the nature and intent of tools. As the title would suggest, “Retro- Speculative” explores several themes from Gould’s broad palette, all seeking to engage the viewer through visceral nostalgia, and offering speculations on where we are going based on where we have been.

About the artist:

Self-described “Chairman of the Hoard” Nemo Gould is a master accumulator, of both materials and building techniques alike. His Oakland studio is a veritable museum of old objects and technology which he blends into his signature style of kinetic sculpture. His work pushes the limits of found object art and challenges the viewer to experience art through interaction and experience. Gould received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1998, and his MFA in sculpture from U.C. Berkeley in 2000. His work is featured in museums and collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

About the venue:

494 9th Street is a pop-up gallery in a vacant retail storefront in Oakland. As rents soar, and the arts struggle to thrive, the pop-up concept is an increasingly relevant method for connecting artists with their communities. Partnerships such as these between artists and developers are key to preserving the cultural heart of any city. Please support this creative solution by joining us at the opening reception on October 19th.

Retro-Speculative 2019

On Saturday October 19, 2019 I was fortunate to present my solo exhibition “Retro-Speculative” at a pop-up gallery in Oakland CA.