Re: Animated

One day I came across something at a yard sale that struck me as particularly foul. It was a mounted deer head with its hoofs arranged to serve as a rifle rack. The cruel irony of killing something and then compelling its corpse to hold the weapon that ended its life really got me. Naturally I bought the awful thing, but only now have I been able to do anything with it.

Re:Animated represents a major breakthrough in veterinary science. Concerned citizens can now bring in the trophy remains of game animals and have the creatures made whole again. The durable metal chassis is bullet repellant and should diminish the likelihood that these creatures, (when returned to the wild) fall victim to the same fate twice.

All photos this page: Sibila Savage

Re: Animated




69" x 36" x 22"


Slide projector, antlers, ice cream scoops, motor boat motor housing, railing sections, deer hoofs, baseball bat, table stand, velvet, motor, motion sensor, amp meter, drive in movie speaker case, LEDs, switches, aluminum stock.

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