Praying Mantis

In 2007 I made a large insect sculpture titled Guzzler that had a gas pump “nose” and a glowing thorax. It was a good piece, but it was built under the time pressures and facility limitations of the wonderful artist in residence program at the S.F. dump. Ever since I have wanted to re-examine the same themes and materials but with more attention to detail. This seemed as fitting a time as ever to also look into the form of the Praying Mantis. One of the coolest creatures nature has to offer in my opinion. I have worked with this form before, but only in two dimensional pieces. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do. I feel it is a good balance of beauty, menace and vulnerability.

All photos this page: Sibila Savage

Praying Mantis




72" x 42" x 37"


Gas pumps, drafting table hardware, door security peep holes, rod brackets, propane tank, vacuum cleaner bag attachments, lamp parts, street lamp housing, massage chair mechanism, cake stand, television parts, gear motor, LEDs, brass and aluminum stock, switches.

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