Little Big Man

This piece was built by request of the San Jose Museum of Art for their show “Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon”. Knowing that it would be surrounded by other robot sculptures I felt compelled to use more wood in its construction to help set it apart from the crowd. I also wanted to further explore the “inner world” feeling that I got from my “Alcohologram” piece a few months earlier. I am pleased with the resulting split personality that this piece has. Equally tough and vulnerable. A motion sensor activates the motors whenever a viewer approaches.

Little Big Man




8’ x 5’ x 4’


Vintage wooden radio cabinet, street lamp poles, vacuum cleaner parts, industrial food processor, antlers, chair legs, dining room table top, floor polisher, miscellaneous found pieces of hardware and scrap metal, motors, lights.

Featured, Inner Worlds, Large Scale, Robots & Figurative