Inward and Onward

Here is another Homunculus themed piece. Like its predecessors (Little Big Man, Homunculus, Minotaur, etc) the larger figure appears to be controlled by the smaller one inside. In this piece I was also able to put to use some nice old mercury switches that I had been saving for a special occasion. As the figure tips back and forth as he “walks” the mercury flows from side to side, causing the corresponding indicator light to come on.

Inward and Onward




70" x 16" x 16"


Radio cabinet, pool table leg, bean scoops, boar tusk, chair arms, organ legs, violin scroll, piano hammers, vacuum cleaner attachment, mercury switches, cooking pot, light sconce, leather belt, candle stick, upholstery scrap, misc. found aluminum and brass, motor, LEDs.

Large Scale, Robots & Figurative