Discovery Channel: “Prototype This”, October 2008

In 2008 I had the honor of working on the Discovery Channel show “Prototype This!”.  The project at hand was to build an interactive boxing video game, but without the video part.  The idea was that human boxers would throw their punches in the air and a pair of Giant metal avatars would do the dirty work in the ring.  The regular cast of the show was more than capable of designing and building such a system, but they fell a little short in the appearance department.  I was brought in to help design the look of the robots with my usual arsenal of scrap metal objects.  The show ran about 45 minutes and can be seen on Netflix now if you are a subscriber.  There are also some clips on Discovery’s site.

For those with shorter attention spans I have edited the episode down to 7 minutes (giving myself particular emphasis) above.