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This product has been upgraded to version 4.  This model is on sale while stock lasts.

The Flintlock is a spring loaded container for the Dynavap M (or similar) vaporizer (vaporizer not included).  This means no rattling in your pocket, and a very satisfying kinetic “pop” when you open it.  It features a refillable (and easily replaceable) torch lighter integrated into the side.  There is a reasonably sized storage container on the bottom for the material of your choice.  Notches along the side allow the unit to be used as a cooling rest when laid on its side.

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This product will work with either short stem vaps like the classic Dynavap “M” (no wider than the cap, no longer than 3.6″), or long stem versions like the Omnivap XL or original Simrell Vortex (no wider than the cap, no longer than 4.3″), just specify small or large at checkout.  The two Flintlock models are identical, but use different springs to accommodate the different stem lengths.  If you’re unclear about this, contact me.

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What are they?

-These products are slim, stylish, hand made, and unique methods to store your Dynavap vaporizer.  All are spring loaded and make your Vap pop out like a freakin’ light saber every time you open it. 

Is the DynaVap vaporizer included?

-Sorry, no.  You can get yours at www.dynavap.com

Isn’t that a lot of money?

-Yes. You really shouldn’t spend this much money on your bad habits.  But if you’re reading this you’ll probably get one anyway. Good for you!  Live a little!  Seriously though, I make each of these by hand. I’m practically giving them away at this price. 

What’s your deal?

-I’ve been an artist all my life, specializing in mechanical sculpture for the last 20 years. This practice has led me to make many of my own tools when necessary. I consider these products to be “lifestyle tools”. 

Why did you pick that particular lighter, what if it breaks?

-I chose the Aomai lighter because of its size and shape, as well as the fact that it has a replaceable flint striker (these tend to be more reliable) and a fuel window.  I’ve had expensive lighters break as often as cheap ones, so I figured replaceable/affordable was the way to go. I’ve been using the same one now for months with zero problems, and I know if it fails I can get another one for under $10. 

Do you work with/for Dynavap?

-Nope. I just think they made a truly great device, that ultimately was a little hard to live with on a day to day basis, so I came up with some tools to make it even better. 

Is the metal coated?

-Nope. It’ll tarnish. After a few months of fiddling with it, it will develop a really nice patina from the oils from your hands.  If you prefer the shiny look, a quick rub down with brass polish does the trick. 

Will your product scratch my extra fancy anodized stem?

-No. All new products now ship with a sleeve of oven parchment paper inserted into the storage tube. This is quite effective at protecting custom stem coatings, but inhibits the action of the spring a little bit. If you’re using a standard stainless stem, you can just pull the sleeve out. If you’re reading this after having purchased a piece from me before this change, it’s easy to do yourself. Just cut a rectangle of oven parchment paper to 1-5/16″ x 3-1/2″ for short stem units, 4″ for long stem.

Is each object perfect in every way?

-Er, no. These are each hand made by me (The little brass plates that hold the tubes together are CNC cut) so each one is a little different and will have small imperfections, you know, like precious diamonds. 

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